Please note this pricelist is a guide only.  Each person and face is unique therefore exact pricing can only be given during consultation and after a thorough assessment has been done.


  • Complimentary

Anti-wrinkle injections

  • $18 per unit – up to 49 units
  • $15.50 per unit – 50 units and over

Treatment examples at $18 per unit:

  • Frown – $288 – $360
  • Forehead – $108 – $180
  • Eyes – $288 – $432

Male clients often require higher doses of Botox® compared to women due to muscle mass and strength.


  •  Excessive axillary sweating – $1190

Dermal filler

  • Lips and fine lines, 1ml – $620, for a glam/fuller lip more than 1ml may be required
  • Tear troughs/dark eye circles, 1ml – $690
  • Chin crease/augmentation, 1ml – $690
  • Jawline definition, 2ml – $1380
  • Temples, 1ml – $760
  • Cheeks, 1ml – $760
  • Nasolabial lines, 1ml – $690 – $760
  • Marionette lines, 1ml – $690 – $760
  • Total face rejuvenation – usually requires a minimum of 3mls.

The amount of product required will depend on the individual.  Most people require one or two mls per area.

Packages are available.


  • Submental fat reduction (double chin) – $1300 per treatment.  A minimum of two treatments is required which may be enough for some however for others more treatments may be required.  Dosing will be advised at consultation.

Platelet Rich Plasma – PRP

  • From $550 per treatment.  Three sessions are required per treatment course.

Micro Needling Pen

  • From $240 per treatment.  A course of six treatments is recommended.

MINT Mono Threads

  • From $200

V2 Injector Micro Dermal Filler

  • $590 3mls
  • $1650 for 3 x 3ml treatments when pre paid.


  • Advised at consultation.

Post treatment review

  • Complimentary


Payment is expected in full on the day of your treatment.

Please note all Visa and MasterCard payments incur a 2.6% fee.  Eftpos, debit card, cash or bank transfers do not.  If you wish to pay by bank transfer, please arrange to do so either prior to or during your appointment.

Payment plans

We offer OxiPay and GenoaPay payment plans.  Have your treatment now and pay it off over eight or ten weeks, no interest and no fees.  See or for more details and to get preapproved in just minutes.

All pricing is subject to change without notice.