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NASOLABIAL FOLDS are the lines, creases, folds or grooves that run from the nose down towards the mouth. They are often caused by volume loss in the cheeks, causing sagging in this area. They are also caused from the repetitive muscle action when smiling, but don’t worry, there’s no need to stop smiling to prevent them. This area can be softened greatly with the use of Dermal Filler and can make a big difference. ‘After’ photo was taken directly after treatment therefore slight bruising is present and will disappear.

Check out this gorgeous lady! Here, I’ve used botulinum toxin anti wrinkle injections to soften the appearance of the frown lines. Treating the frown complex can also lift the brows and open the eyes, giving clients a more refreshed appearance. Over time frown lines become etched into the skin from repeated muscle moment and can often leave clients looking grumpy when they’re not. Anti wrinkle injections can help prevent this from happening and will also soften lines that are there already, but keeping in mind only so much. Once they’re there, they’re there. Prevention is key.. oh and sunblock!

Crows feet creeping in?

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Here my gorgeous client wanted a more defined jawline and to improve her profile.
We did two treatments approximately 8 weeks apart with Belkyra (also known as Kybella). Belkyra is an injectable treatment which is most suited to clients who have a small to moderate amount of stubborn submental fat. This treatment takes about one hour, the results are permanent and downtime is minimal.
My client is super happy and although the results are subtle, it has made a big difference to the overall appearance of her face.
Thank you to my lovely client for letting me share.

Absolutely loving these results and so is my client!!

This first time client had anti wrinkle injections to her frown and forehead lines with Botulinum Toxin.

She is a busy mum of four AND a business owner -need I say more?!

She definitely deserved a little freshen up and she looks amazing! Such a babe

Thank you to my client for letting me share

CHIN FILLER plus FACIAL SLIMMING with Botulinum Toxin. Chin filler can make such a difference to the proportions of the face and personally, I LOVE doing this treatment!
Treatment benefits include:
-Creating facial balance to your profile. -Slimming of the lower face to create a more oval and aesthetically pleasing shape.
-Relief from teeth grinding and associated painful muscles.
-Highlights cheek bones.
-Corrects any depressions in the chin and helps to smooth the skin.
-Enhances a receding or a weak chin.

Thanks to my absolute babe of a client for sending me her pics and for letting me share.